Author: Ryan Goodin

Align Sales & Marketing to Close More Deals

After wrestling with some post production issues, I’m finally posting the Sales & Marketing Alignment webinar from last week. I decided to try as opposed to GoToMeeting. GoTo produces the best quality and I am most familiar with the program controls, but the software is so clunky it’s like using a Heidelberg to print 50 business cards. Pass along any other web meeting software recommendations. I’m open to suggestions! Our conversation was great and we covered a lot of ground in just over 30 minutes. My objective with the call was to first explore the reasons why the...

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Visualizing Your Marketing Automation Campaign

This is a quick-reference illustration I have used in the past to explain the scope of a marketing automation campaign. In particular, I use this document when discussing the resources needed to setup and manage a campaign. Before launching any marketing campaign, a critical step is allocating the resources needed to ensure it produces results. Underestimating the timelines and budgets will be problematic. In any other part of your business, resource constraints can cause delays and affect the quality of the final product. With Marketing Automation, your mistakes and omissions are amplified by the fact that your work is...

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Is Your Website Ready for Marketing Automation?

When was the last time you took a hard look at your website and asked yourself, “does this site close business?” If you’re ramping up a marketing automation or lead nurturing campaign, perhaps now is the time to ask yourself “does my website drive traffic, educate visitors and move prospects into our sales funnel?” Function: Comparable to a brick and mortar store, your website should be user-friendly and visually appealing, but also adjusted periodically to test new strategies. In addition, you need to make a great impression, quickly. A quick look at your web analytics, your bounce rate specifically,...

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Illustration: The Lead Nurturing Process

Since I’m not the most talented of visual artists, I like to keep things simple when diagramming a process. The illustration below is an attempt to show how leads & prospects move through an automated campaign. This is a simplified look at how a series of emails is delivered with the intention of educating a prospect and pulling them through the sales funnel. I should add that interaction with many different marketing channels can be tracked as well, including articles, landing pages and website activity. These interactions are given a weighted score for the purpose of gauging level-of-interest and...

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Lead Nurturing Campaign Timeline

This is a cheat-sheet, more or less, that I use to communicate the steps and basic timeline for implementation of a lead nurturing campaign, which is to say delivering a series of emails that educates and “nurtures” your audience to a point of sales-readiness. This is the 50,000 ft. view. Just looking at the first bullet “Content Mapping,” this process starts in weeks 1-4, but go on indefinitely as you refine your campaign and develop new ways of engaging your audience. This is a basic guideline for visualizing the process, though each one of these bullets requires careful planning...

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