This is a cheat-sheet, more or less, that I use to communicate the steps and basic timeline for implementation of a lead nurturing campaign, which is to say delivering a series of emails that educates and “nurtures” your audience to a point of sales-readiness. This is the 50,000 ft. view. Just looking at the first bullet “Content Mapping,” this process starts in weeks 1-4, but go on indefinitely as you refine your campaign and develop new ways of engaging your audience. This is a basic guideline for visualizing the process, though each one of these bullets requires careful planning and execution. If there is something you would add, please feel free to comment below.

Week 1‐4:

  • Content Mapping: Prepare and organize content to be distributed to your prospects at the right time based on their needs and stages in the buying cycle
  • Content Inventory: What pre‐existing resources can be used / re-purposed for use in the campaign? (Whitepapers, video, audio, blog posts, articles, etc.)
  • Define Target Audience: Map your content to the various personas’ of your audience and their stage in the buying cycle
  • Content Writing: Define a series of emails (5 initially) that pushes prospects through the sales funnel by providing compelling, educational, insightful content
  • Setup Campaign Logic: Schedule emails at regular intervals to deliver your multi‐touch campaign. Define the characteristics of your prospect’s behavior that will determine which series of emails they receive next.
  • Define Lead Scoring: A point system used to determine the prospects level of interest and sales‐readiness
  • Web Analytics Integration: Add a script to the footer of your site for collecting visitor data
  • Web Forms: Setup web forms to collect user data
  • Landing Page Setup: Set up landing pages to house your web forms. Drive traffic to your landing pages through links on your website, ad campaigns, mass‐emails, etc.
  • Finalize and Initiate Drip Campaign: Once the details of your campaign we add prospects to the drip campaign and initiate the campaign

Week 5 and Beyond:

  • Prospects from Web Analytics: Identify specific companies visiting your website, research contacts within that organization who fit your prospect profile, add to appropriate drip campaign based on the visitor’s behavior
  • Lead Hand-off: When a prospect lead score reaches the pre‐determined threshold, they will be handed over to sales for direct engagement.
  • Lead Recycling: If sales determines the prospect is not sales‐ready, feed them back into the top of the funnel as a new lead for further nurturing
  • Additional Content Development: Continue to refine and add additional emails to the drip campaign to ensure a steady stream of messages to keep leads engaged